Continuing our series of interviews with Platinum Club Members, this week Liz and John Mewse from Aberdeenshire.

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“We love how secluded it it…”


How did you find out about The Hideaway Experience?


We found out about the Hideaway Experience on Facebook through a friend, Kay Ross who was staying the Romantics for Hogmanay (i.e. New Year in Scotland) in 2014.  Kay gave me all the information about The Hideaway Experience  and I booked for the following Hogmanay.


What did you think of your first stay at The Hideaway Experience?


We were so impressed with the whole cosiness of the Hideaway and how it’s nicely tucked away. You don't see anyone going about. Love the hot tub and the sauna. The wood burner is perfect and tops it all off. 


Also, we love the home-baked bread, it’s really lovely. Caroline made us feel so welcome and assured us we would be left alone, but if there were any problems just to call her.


Which Hideaways have you stayed in?


We have stayed in the Romantics 4 times. Following our lead, my daughter booked and choose the Lovers, she thought it was great.  


That was it. We have always loved the Romantics but we decided to try the Lovers following my daughter’s recommendation. And she was right, it was amazing.


Do you have favourite places to visits, or things to do when you stay with us?


We actually only come to just chill out, making the most of using the hot tub and the sauna.  We lead very busy hectic lives so we feel it’s great to get away from it all and to just wind down and not care about anything.


Tell us what you love most about The Hideaway Experience?


We love to be left alone in our cottage and enjoy how it’s just so secluded, far away from the other properties.  We have never seen anyone while we have lived there apart from the wild life, animals and the twinkling stars at night ha ha ha.


When will you be back?


We were due to go back this year, but most unfortunately, both dates were postponed due to Covid. The good news is that we have a booking for 31st January 2021, we can’t wait to get back.


What does Christmas look like for family this year?


It’s certainly been a very strange year and makes you realise how much we take things for granted.  We really should appreciate our life and certainly be kinder to people.  I have had 3 holidays cancelled this year. Not complaining,  my husband and myself made the most of bagging Munros around Scotland. 


I hope to be able to still have my family around for Christmas. My daughter lives in Norway and we haven’t be able to see her since August. Hopefully she is coming home for Christmas and we will  be able to have other family members round. Let’s wait and see.