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The important information about your stay

Covid 19 – We have been preparing for your stay.

How we have prepared to welcome you back


For your safety and comfort our processes have changed


  1. We have put additional measures in place to protect guests, staff and our family. We must also make some changes to the usual guest experience which we would appreciate your help with – this helps protect you, our guests and our staff .
  2. Given the amount of additional deep cleaning we will do we will only offer a minimum of a two-night stay. We also cannot offer an early check in or a late check out at this time. 
  3. All Hideaways will have an arrival time of 4pm and a check out time of 11am, including the Lovers Hideaway. We will require 5 hours to clean each property instead of 3 hours, we therefore request that guests leave sharp at 11am to allow our housekeepers access. 
  4. We will be welcoming our guests from a socially distant 2 metres away. We will come to the Hideaway within 15 minutes of your arrival as normal and we can come to the door and we can make sure everything is ok for you.
  5. We won’t be able to show you around the Hideaway as we usually do but we will send you an online link to all our guest information including all instructions for operating all appliances, ahead of your stay by email. We are on hand by phone at all times to answer any questions.
  6. If you have any issues during your stay including maintenance, we will of course address these. We will have to ask you to step out the Hideaway and we will come along in a facemask to investigate.
  7. Hot tubs outside are a low risk for Covid 19 transmission due to being outside and having chlorine in the water. We will be testing the hot tubs each day between 10am and 11am as normal. We will be undertaking additional cleaning on the hot tub lid and outer surfaces. We would ask that you don’t use the hot tub at that time so we can have access for this.
  8. If you have booked a massage with us, you will be sent an email with further safety procedures that must be adhered to, to ensure the safety and comfort of both you and the masseuse. 

The Government approved guidelines has asked that you please:

  1. Please strip the beds and bag up the linen with towels and robes at the end of your stay to protect our staff coming in to clean. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.
  2. To please kindly open the windows and the sliding doors prior to departure.
  3. To leave accommodation, i.e. the Hideaway as you found it, ensuring the dishwasher is full, taking left over food home and removing all waste to outside bins (do not leave anything in the inside bins).

We’ve made an extra effort - additional measures 


If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us, stay@thehideawayexperience.co.uk