Terms & Conditions


    The accommodation price paid includes accommodation, electricity, heating, bed linen, and towels, all supplies required for kitchen cleaning and dish washing and a supply of logs for the wood burning stove (including kindling, newspaper and matches).


    1. Accommodation charges and extras must be paid in advance of the arrival date. A booking is not confirmed until the full accommodation charge is paid (including balance payment).
    2. If a booking is made more than six weeks prior to the arrival date then a deposit of 25% of the accommodation price is charged at the time of booking. For bookings made within six weeks of the arrival date then the full price of the accommodation is charged at the time of booking.
    3. The balance of accommodation charges must be paid six weeks in advance of the arrival date. A reminder email will be sent at the six week deadline date. This email will contain a website link that will allow guests to pay the balance via the website.
    4. Guests who fail to pay the balance within two weeks of the arrival date will be contacted, and if there is no response from the guest or if the guest fails to pay within 24 hours of contact being made then the booking will be cancelled by Hideaway management. Please note in the event of such a cancellation by The Hideaways then no deposit (or cost of extras) will be refunded to the guest.
    5. Payment for all accommodation charges and extras is made on the Hideaway website by credit or debit card. Guests who have no access to the website can make payments by cheque or BACS. Please note the above is with prior arrangement with Hideaway management

    1. When booking, or re-booking, guests will receive written confirmation of the stay (and/or extras) by email which will include the name of the Hideaway booked, the arrival date and number of nights booked and/or any extras if applicable and a full VAT receipt.
    2. If guests do not have a written (email) confirmation then your booking is not valid.
    3. Guests must ensure they receive a written confirmation immediately after booking or re-book, as this will be sent to the guest by email at the time of booking. If guests do not receive a confirmation email immediately they must check all email junk or spam folders prior to contacting the Hideaways, and if located the email should be marked as safe.
    4. Guests must contact The Hideaways as soon as possible if they are in any doubt regarding the confirmation of their booking.
    1. We strongly recommend that guests take out holiday insurance to protect against unforeseen circumstances that cause them to cancel their booking.
    2. If guests need to cancel their booking, after they have paid a deposit or paid in full, The Hideaways can only return the payment if the Hideaway resells on the same date(s). The amount refunded will be based on the accommodation rate that the date(s) are resold for. If the date(s) are re-sold then the refund will be provided by BACS payment minus a £50 administration fee (sadly we cannot provide refunds back to your credit/debit card).
    3. If a guest requests to re-book new dates instead of a refund then The Hideaways can only transfer the amount paid towards the original booking to a new booking if the original date(s) are re-sold.
    4. The Hideaways do not offer an accommodation refund or re-book service if you cancel within two weeks of your arrival date. In addition we cannot refund extras (including but not limited to food and drink floral bouquets) if they are cancelled within two weeks of your arrival date.
    1. The Hideaways are available to access from 4.00pm and the departure time is 11.00am.
    2. If a guest has booked the Hideaway for a 24 hour package the arrival time is 2.00pm and the departure time is 2.00pm the following day.
    3. Other types of special accommodation packages may offer an earlier arrival and/or later departure time. If an earlier arrival and/or later departure is applicable to your package then details will be provided on the package notes prior to its purchase. If there is no mention of the arrival and departure times within your special accommodation package notes then the standard arrival and departure times will apply, i.e. 4.00pm access and 11.00am departure.
    4. An early arrival may be possible if no one is staying in the Hideaway the night before. In this instance please request an early arrival 24 hours prior to your arrival.
    5. It may be possible to book the Hideaway for additional nights after the original booking is made if no other guests are booked into the Hideaway on the day of your departure (and subsequent days if applicable). Please make such arrangements and payment at least 24 hours prior to your arrival

    Guests must advise Hideaway management/owners if they are to arrive at The Hideaway after 8.00pm, as The Hideaway will be locked and special arrangements must be made to collect the keys after this time.

  7. MINORS:
    1. The Hideaways are designed for adults and therefore Hideaway guests must be aged 16 years or older to book or stay in a Hideaway.
    2. The Hideaways are not suitable for children and therefore we do not allow children of any age, which includes babies under one year of age.
    1. The Hideaways inside and outside are completely NO SMOKING. The owners take the No Smoking policy seriously so if you smoke please do not book.
    2. Anyone found to have been smoking inside and/or outside The Hideaway will be invoiced £100 for a 'deep clean' charge to remove the smell of smoke and evidence of smoking prior to the arrival of new guests.
    3. Any guest found smoking inside or outside the Hideaway will be asked to leave with no refund on their booking.
  9. PETS:

    Unfortunately no pets are permitted inside or outside the Hideaway.


    Guests are requested to contact Hideaway staff or the owners straight away if there is something not working in The Hideaways or if there is anything that can be done to make your stay more comfortable. Please do not wait until you leave to contact us! This means we can rectify any situation or help fix any problems as soon as possible.

    1. Any complaints should be made to Caroline or Ross Millar at the farmhouse (or by calling 01382 320 707 or 07584 660 541) where they will receive prompt attention.
    2. All complaints should be made during the guest stay.
    3. We will only be able to offer compensation for valid complaints during the stay. We will not be able to offer compensation when a complaint is made after guests have left.
    1. We would appreciate it if The Hideaway can be left in a clean and tidy condition. The Hideaway is cleaned thoroughly between lets.
    2. An additional cleaning charge of £100 may be levied should The Hideaway require a 'deep clean' after a guest has stayed. Guests will be contacted if this is the case within 24 hours of their departure. An invoice for 'deep cleaning' will be sent to guests within 48 hours of their departure.
    1. Guests will be responsible for the cost of repair and/or replacement of any breakages or damage to the property and contents, accidental or otherwise. A £100 'damage charge' will be applied to cover any damage to The Hideaway (inside and outside). Please note if the damage is substantial or to a valuable item(s) then an increased 'damage charge' may be applied.
    2. All breakages or damage must be reported by guests as soon the incident occurs or prior to guest departure at the latest. Breakages or damage must be reported to a member of Hideaway staff/manager or the owners.
    3. Guests will be contacted within 24 hours of departure about any damage found during cleaning. An invoice detailing the 'damage charge' will be sent by email within 48 hours of guest departure. All items in the Hideaway have been itemised and valued, a copy of this list is available upon request.
    1. All items listed in the inventory are present at the time of guest arrival. If any items have been found to have been removed guests will be contacted regarding this within 24 hours of departure.
    2. We reserve the right to charge guests for the replacement cost of any items removed (on purpose or by accident).
    1. The Hideaways are designed for two adults and only two people are permitted to stay overnight at any one time.
    2. Guests are welcome to have up to four visitors at any one time and only during the day or early evening. Please note a group of visitors larger than four is not permitted unless otherwise agreed with Hideaway Experience management or the owners in advance.
    3. No visitors are permitted inside or near the Hideaway later than 10.00pm.
    1. Massage treatments must be booked at least five working days prior and are subject to the availability of the masseuse. Guests are advised to contact The Hideaways prior to purchasing a massage treatment on the website if the request is within two weeks of their arrival date.
    2. All massage bookings are subject to guest ability to receive the treatment. It is the responsibility of guests to ensure they are medically able to receive the massage treatments before they pay for a treatment on the website. Once a massage treatment is paid on the website it is assumed that both guests receiving the treatment are medically able to receive the treatment.
    3. If guests have a medical condition that may affect their ability to have a massage it is important that they confirm this to the Hideaway management prior to purchasing the treatment on the website. Such conditions that may affect guest ability to have a massage include, but are not limited to; pregnancy, recent surgery (i.e. surgery carried out less than 6 months prior to the massage), asthma, diabetes, heart conditions, epilepsy, high or low blood pressure, etc.. It may be that you can still have a massage if you have a medical condition but the masseuse may alter what they do. However it is advised that guests highlight anything that they have a concern over so this can be checked with the masseuse in advance of the massage being purchased on the website.
    4. If a guest cancels a massage treatment more than 72 hours prior to the treatment time, for any reason including a medical condition, then a refund will be provided. Please note this refund will be minus a £50 administration charge.
    5. If a guest cancels within 72 hours prior to the treatment time, or if one or both guests are not present at the Hideaway to receive the treatment at the time booked, then no refund will be provided.
    6. If a guest incurs a medical condition after they have paid for the massage on the website, and it results in the guest not being able to have the treatment, then a refund will be provided as long as it is highlighted at least 72 hours prior to the treatment time. Once again the refund will be minus a £50 administration fee. A massage cancellation made within 72 hours of the treatment time, including for medical reasons, will not be refunded.
    7. If, after purchasing the massage treatment on the website, the masseuse is not available to carry out the treatment during the guest stay then a refund will be provided in full (no administration fee will be applied in this instance).

    The proprietors accept no responsibility for the accident or injury to, illness of guests or any other persons whilst in the Hideaway or on Balkello Farm, neither do they accept responsibility for any loss or damage to guests or other persons property, including vehicles whilst on site.


    No sub-letting is permitted.

    1. Under circumstances out with the Hideaway staff/management or owner's control - for example, breakdown of heating system, damage, theft, fire we will try to arrange alternative holiday accommodation with another provider, however we cannot guarantee that this will be possible.
    2. In the above circumstances the booking deposit and balance payment will be returned to the hirer in full. The hirer will have no further claims against the owner.

    If the accommodation has not been taken up by 12 noon of the day following the arrival date booked, the proprietors assume the right to re-let the accommodation, unless other arrangements have been made and confirmed by Hideaway management or the owners.


    Guests who conduct themselves in a manner not expected towards Hideaway staff/management, the owners or other guests will be asked to leave The Hideaway immediately with no refund of their booking.

  22. GENERAL:

    Any guests not adhering to the above terms and conditions will be asked to leave The Hideaway immediately or refused entry to the Hideaway upon arrival with no refund of their booking.

Terms & Conditions for Hideaway Platinum CLub

  1. Rewards are per couple.
  2. Each couple is allocated a personal referral code.
  3. You obtain your first star when you book your second stay.
  4. You obtain further stars either by booking additional stays for yourselves, or when one of your friends, family or colleagues stay and they book using your referral code. So if you share your code with 7 others and they book a stay, you obtain all the rewards including a 24 stay in any Hideaway.
  5. The star rewards relating to stays at The Hideaway Experience can be transferable.
  6. Stars can only be awarded for bookings where there is accommodation booked and not purely for transactions involving only gift vouchers or experiences.
  7. Everything is automatic. You will receive an email just after your first booking with a link to your own area of our website which shows which star level you have reached. You will also be sent a code which you can share with friends, family and colleagues - they should use this when they book a stay at the Hideaway and if they do, you will move up a star each time someone books.
  8. You will receive an email to let you know when someone has booked and you can check your star level at anytime.
  9. Your personal referral code must be used when booking - you enter this on our website or we can take your booking over the phone.
  10. The 7 Stars can be redeemed at any time.
  11. Only stars relating to stays at The Hideaway can be transferred.
  12. Redeeming a stay at The Hideaway Experience is subject to availability. All bookings will be confirmed in writing.
  13. If there is a cancellation to a booking and a refund provided, in accordance with our terms and conditions, the star relating to the original booking will be removed.
  14. We reserve the right to change or close the Platinum Club at anytime. This will not affect any past rewards or claims on those rewards. If the decision is made to close down the Platinum Club, you will be given 6 months in which to redeem your rewards.
  15. You may exchange any of the rewards for a 10% off voucher.
  16. The option to opt out of the Hideaways Platinum Club is provided in your first email with accompanying code sent after your first booking. You can also opt out at any time by emailing romance@thehideawayexperience.co.uk
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