Treat yourself to a day out at The Arbikie Highland Distillery. 

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The Arbikie Distillery, located just 40 minutes from The Hideaway Experience is the perfect day out for you and your partner.

We suggest booking your choice of tour or tasting before setting out to visit this beautiful location. You will be presented with three options, the Gin & Vodka Experience, Whisky Experience and The Cocktail Experience.

With your tours and experience booked you can begin the day a little slower at The Hideaway and set off for Arbikie in a comfortable fashion. The drive itself takes in beautiful countryside. 

When you have arrived, you’ll no doubt be in need of a coffee which can be enjoyed inside their recently opened modern design building with floor to ceiling open glass front..Enjoy stunning views of the sea and beach from this clifftop location.  Once your vigour has been restored it will be time for your tour.  Arbikie distillery prides itself in being one of the world's most sustainable distilleries. There is much to be seen, learnt and tasted when attending their highly acclaimed tours.

Drivers don't miss out on the sampling of these fine spirits as guests can take away their sample to enjoy in front of the fire at the Hideway if they wish. The Arbikie Distillery restaurant is the perfect place to have lunch before moving onto your final destination of the day.

A 5-minute drive from Arbikie Distillery takes you to the scenic Lunan Bay Beach. A walk along the bay is the perfect way to end your day. The interesting rock formations, cave and castle ruin make for a sightseeing spectacle beside the calming crash of ocean waves. With sand between your toes and a bottle of whisky in bag you could even treat yourself to an ice cream from the Lunan Farm Shop just a 2-minute walk from the bay.

Is a day out ever complete if there wasn’t an icecream at the end of it?