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Frequently asked questions

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  • Which Hideaway am I staying in?
  • How do the Hideaways differ?
  • Can you recommend a local restaurant?
  • What if something’s not what I expected?
  • Will a housekeeper visit?
  • Will you come and meet us?
  • Are there any supplies in the Hideaway?
  • Where do I get the key?
  • We’ve found the farm – how do we find our Hideaway?
  • How do we get to The Hideaway Experience?
  • What time is check-out – and where should we leave the key?
  • What time can we check in?
  • Why didn’t I didn’t get a confirmation email?
  • What facilities do all the Hideaways have?
  • Which Hideaways welcome pets?


  • You’ll find the name of your Hideaway in your booking confirmation email.