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Why Hideaway?

Switch off. Let your hair down.
Get ready to take on the world again.

You’re looking for a place that’s all yours. Somewhere to celebrate together without having to share your plans with anyone else.

To connect the way you used to. Somewhere to chill out and enjoy yourselves.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to get away, this is for you.

Hideaways aren’t hotels – they’re a space to call your own. You won’t meet people in the spa or have to share the hot tub with strangers. There’s no one to overhear your conversation over dinner.

You get the peace and quiet to focus on one another without any distractions. The privacy to spice up your sex life. All in a setting that lends itself to falling in love – either for the first time or all over again.

The only question you’ll ask when you leave is, ‘why didn’t we do it sooner?’