As farmers in the county of Angus on the east coast of Scotland, we are proud to live in an area abundant with the finest produce.

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Angus is home the most famous beef in the world, Aberdeen Angus, and along with other iconic food such as Arbroath Smokies and Forfar Bridies, guests staying at the Hideaway Experience are set to feast like kings during their stay.

Aberdeen Angus Beef

The most iconic beef in the world, Aberdeen Angus is from our home county of Angus.  Known internationally for its great taste, we are proud to rear Aberdeen Angus cattle on the grassy hills on our farm.  We source the best local steaks for guests during their stay, either from our own herd or from farmers we know in the local area.

The Arbroath Smokie

Protected under European Law, perhaps the most famous Angus product is the Arbroath Smokie. The smokie carries the same prestigious status as Parma Ham and Champagne.

The origins of the smokie began in the fishing village of Auchmithie, just north of Arbroath. The fishwives smoked the fish on sticks in whisky barrels. Today smokies are still made by smoking fish over hot coals.

The Forfar Bridie

Forfar Bridies hail from the market town of Forfar, 20 minutes from our farm. Our version of a Cornish Pasty, this delicious meat and onion pasty has been produced since the 19th century. We can source these for you or if you are in Forfar call into local bakers Saddlers or McLaren’s.

Fresh Soft Fruit

There is more fresh fruit grown in Angus than in any other county of Scotland due to our perfect growing conditions being Scotland’s driest and sunniest region. Strawberrries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, tayberries (a combination of a blackberry and a raspberry) and cherries are grown all around us. Grewar’s farm shop, two miles away stocks fresh berries and a range of their own vegetables.

Homemade Jam
Using all of the fresh fruit on our doorstep, the art of making the best fruit jams is a skill many local people have handed down from generation to generation.  Our friends Sarah and Sandy Gray make jam on their farm along the road from us and we think it is the best we have tasted. It's available to buy online ahead of your stay or you can buy it from our farm shop to take home as a gift for loved ones.