Lesley and Dereks' guide to staying at The Hideaway, 

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How did you find out about The Hideaway Experience?


I met Caroline through work and loved my first work visit to The Hideaway Experience, it was a meeting and a look around. I had no idea about the treat that was in store!


Caroline invited us to stay as a product trial. Needless to say we’ve become loyal customers and have been back many times!


What did you think of your first stay at The Hideaway Experience?


Honestly, we are kind of city folks. We (well I) planned a lot of things to do in the local area, not quite imagining how I would manage in the middle of nowhere for 2 full days.


Well, I managed just fine. Apply 1 hot tub, a gin and tonic, didn’t move thereafter. Bliss!


Okay, we once walked up the Sidlaw Hills (on a very hot day!). Straight back to The Hideaway to chill! That said, I had no idea how close to Dundee we were.


Which Hideaways have you stayed in?


The Dreamers, the Romantics and the Honeymooners (some more than once!).


Do you have favourite places to visits, or things to do when you stay with us?


I love Gloagburn Farm Shop - but only really on the way home. The food is fabulous, full of gorgeous gifts, I want to buy it all. We just like hanging out in the Hideaway. It’s complete and utter bliss!


Tell us what you love most about The Hideaway Experience?


Just being there. It’s beautiful. Not just the property or the scenery. The entire experience is special.  It’s completely unique. We holiday as much as possible in many different places but I have never stayed anywhere like this.


When will you be back?


We were due back in November (darn Covid!). We will be back before March without question and hopefully again over the summer.


What does Christmas look like for family this year?


It’s going to be a lot of back garden, gazebo, outdoor heater action one family at a time using eau de hand sanitizer and drinking mulled wine. We’re really looking forward to it. It will be good to be off Zoom!