Welcome to our short series of interviews with members of our Platinum Club where our guests share their favourite memories of The Hideaway Experience.

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“Nothing else compares”

Cath and Steve Mogford


This week’s guests are Cath and Steve Mogford from Wales and we looooooove them!


When did you first stay at The Hideaway Experience?

We were guests of Caroline’s Mum Agnes staying regularly at her B&B with our kids when she told of us Caroline’s new couples only holiday concept.

Agnes took us to visit The Hideaway Experience and we fell in love immediately. We booked for our first break without the kids to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. We’ve visited every year since. Twice a year actually! It’s just such a special place.


Which Hideaway did you stay in?

We stayed in the Lovers for 2 nights, but we knew instantly it wasn’t long enough. Since then we’ve stayed in each of the Hideaways (Dreamers, Romantics and Honeymooners). When we can, we stay as long as a week. It’s almost long enough!


Do you have favourite places to visits, or things to do when you stay with us?

Relax!! We have a rule, we don’t leave unless we have to.

Actually, once we did leave to see Mark Knopfler in Glasgow. There’s always an exception to every rule. It’s actually more like we needed to be in Glasgow but decided to stay at The Hideaway.

Although we do visit places on route and stock up on goodies. Gloagburn and Piries Butchers in Newtyle are 2 of our regular stops. I’ve also realised recently that I have started to buy things for home to enjoy my memories of The Hideaway. I have the mugs from Maxwell Williams to add to our collection of pottery which is in everyday use at home and has been added to since we first visited to see the potter at work with our sons in 1990. We like being reminded often of Scotland.  I took a photograph of a stunning rainbow the last time we visited and my friend has done a painting of the scene.  It was supposed to be a Christmas present for Steve but it was too special to keep hidden so went up in our kitchen straightaway!


Tell us what you love most about The Hideaway Experience?

Peace. It’s just so peaceful. There’s nothing like it anywhere else, I know we’ve looked. We have complete privacy. Of course, we spend time in the hot tub, but the ability to have so much time and space to ourselves is amazing. Nothing else compares.

And of course, there’s Caroline. Caroline is so flexible with us and worked hard to ensure we had a great break this year working within the various restrictions, she made sure we got there and had a safe and relaxing visit.


When will you be back?

Soon! We will certainly have a couple of stays next year. March and Autumn is our regular pattern but we might just book a last minute break!


What does Christmas look like for family this year?

Hopefully spending time with our children and grandchildren, fingers crossed.