Izzy is our own #HideawayDog who lives full-time on our Hideaway resort at Balkelo Farm. Born in 2017, she is the love of our life!

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Whilst most of the house sleep soundly, Izzy wakes every day around 5am.  With her personal assistant, sorry owner, Caroline, they walk the farm together, taking in the scenery across Angus and views down to the River Tay, checking the days weather forecast along the way and catching up with their farm animals including ponies Spruce and Tomini. It’s a quick breakfast for Caroline before work across the multiple farm businesses begins whilst Izzy enjoys a healthy breakfast and a nap. The nap doesn’t last long, there’s way too much going on in the farm.


Every morning at 10am, Caroline and her team check the hot tubs.  Despite having 2 pet friendly Hideaways, Izzy is not allowed in either ☹.  This follows a “tennis ball dropped in the hot tub incident.”


As the day progresses, Izzy indulges herself in her favourite past-time, chasing tennis balls and occasionally joining Ross while he works across on the farm. Helping with putting up new fences is her favourite job as there is lots of time for throwing tennis balls and chasing birds.  On return Izzy loves to visit to The Hideaway office for a cuddle and stomach massage from the whole team and a stretch out on the office deck.


During the day Izzy’s unauthorised snacks might include the end of a staff member’s sandwich and bones from Mr Pirie the butcher (only the finest bones will do).


Izzy welcomes Findlay and Sophie home when school is out around 4pm, more cuddles!


Living on a farm, Izzy has the freedom to roam all day and as such is not tied to a strict dog walking routine. For Izzy it’s complete bliss! She doesn’t venture far from her family.


Depending upon the time of year, the working day on the farm for Izzy ends around 9pm when she sleeps soundly for all of 8 hours, before it starts all over again!