A sauna is perfect for a relaxing romantic break. Fortunately you can enjoy your own private sauna at the Hideaway Experience.

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The steamy heat of your sauna on our ultimate couples’ retreat offers numerous health benefits including:


  • Muscle relaxation (soothing aches and pains in both muscles and joints)
  • Skin cleansing (you’ll feel better in minutes!)
  • Stress relief
  • Helps flush toxins
  • Induces deeper sleep


And of course, the sauna helps burn calories.


If that doesn’t set the scene for your romantic break…well, you can always sit back in the hot tub and enjoy the sizzling massage of the jets whilst listening to your favourite tunes from our Sonos music system.


Unlike a hotel or gym, you have exclusive use of your own sauna, hot tub, two person shower and sharing bath. No sharing with guests you don’t know, no time limits. Just the two of you.


Relaxation and intimacy are built into our hideaways to offer the dream couples break.


There is also the ultimate gift that we often overlook, that of time. Time just to be and enjoy each other.


You’ll leave (although you’ll not want to leave) relaxed, glowing, feeling better and looking great!


Now, who doesn’t need a romantic and revitalising break like this?


The Hideaway Experience team are on hand to offer a perfect couples break. Get in touch today.