It's time to kick back, indulge and spoil one another! But the full blow honeymoon is a while away so people choose The Hideaway Experience where we are the Rock 'n' Roll experts in minimoons!

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You want the full blown luxury of a honeymoon in the form of a short break without travelling too far? We have it all here in complete seclusion at The Hideaway Experience.  


Relaxation and indulgence are our core ingredients. As a minimum we offer you,


  • A bubbling hot tub
  • 2 person sauna
  • 2 person shower
  • Large roll top bath
  • Robes 
  • Cocktail Bar
  • Luxury food packages (at your request)
  • Private grounds complete with garden and stunning countryside views.
  • 100% privacy


Oh, and the two of you!


Each of the Hideaways have a range of outdoor treats like the double hammock at the Honeymooners or the trampoline (yes trampoline) at the Lovers. 


Minimoons and honeymoons make up 40% of our bookings which is why we know we have the perfect ingredients! In fact, some newlyweds are often a repeat visitor who booked The Hideaway Experience for a planned wedding proposal. And why not, we are the home of romance and luxury.


We will ensure we provide the services you need to make your stay memorable. Whether you want a massage therapist booked, or you need us to provide picnic boxes, a range of cosy night in treats, meat packs or a barbeque grill.


We are around if you need us and can discretely provide the services you want, but if you’d rather not see us, that’s just fine too.


A minimoon is the perfect short break and way to relax after the busy time that leads up to the big day, allowing you to enjoy one another’s company and recharge before your next adventure!