This is the most beautiful time of year on the hill behind the Hideaways.

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The top of the farm is covered in vibrant purple heather, stretching for miles along the Sidlaw Hills like a luxurious blanket, taking in the counties of both Angus and Perthshire. We have three hills, part of the Sidlaws range, directly behind the Hideaways.  Auchterhouse Hill, Balkello Hill and Craigowl Hill. Craigowl Hill is part of our farm.

Here are our favourite picnic spots to explore.

1. Top of Auchterhouse Hill

Auchterhouse Hill sits behind Auchterhouse village and it is the site of an ancient hill fort.  The contour of the top of the hill created by the fort has created contours and gullies, ideal as private spots for couple only picnics and sunbathing. Allow three hours for a leisurely round trip walk from  your Hideaway to this hill top and back.

2. The Tree of Wisdom

Our favourite tree on the farm, half way up our hill. Next to a small stream, the Tree of Wisdom has fantastic views and is a great place to lie and contemplate life.  We can deliver your picnic up here so it is waiting for you.  This is a great spot to be on your own together, out in the fresh air, taking in the beautiful countryside.  We recommend this spot as an ideal place for a marriage proposal.  Many successful proposals have taken place here by past guests.  An easy one-hour round walk from your Hideaway.

3. Top of Balkello Hill

With views of over 70 miles from the top of each of the three Hills, the top of Balkello Hill is a great place to get your bearings and take in the beauty of the local area.  A stone cairn with a view indicator commemorates Syd Scroggie. A native of Dundee, Scroggie lost both his sight and the lower half of his right leg in the Second World War, but recovered to return to the hills guided by friends, experiences he about which he wrote poems. He attended the unveiling of this cairn in 2000 aged 80, and passed away in 2006.  Syd’s cairn points out the direction and miles to viewpoints such as the Cairngorm National Park, St Andrews, East Lomond Hill in Fife, The Law in Dundee, and the famous munro, Schiehallion near Pitlochry in Perthshire.  The viewpoint can be reached with an easy 40-minute walk one way from your Hideaway and there are plenty of picnic benches in Balkello community woodland to base yourself for lunch on the way down.

A guide with full directions for each of these walks is available in your Hideaway.

For picnics, please contact us to arrange your own bespoke selection of delicious produce.

The heather will be in full bloom until the beginning of October so take advantage of this most stunning time of year to explore the Sidlaw Hills during your Hideaway stay. 

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