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Our Story

We're Caroline and Ross Millar.
Founders and owners of The Hideaway Experience.

We've travelled the world, visited incredible places and stayed in the best hotels. But one of our best-ever memories doesn't feature an attraction-packed city or wonder of the world.  Working in Australia, we took a trip to stay on a farm in a shearer's hut for two in the breathtakingly beautiful Australian outback.

Absolute privacy. Space to let our hair down. A chance to focus on each other for the first time in ages. Escaping from everyone and everything.

We treasured that memory. And we wanted to give other couples the chance to enjoy an experience like ours, but with a little more luxury. 

We wanted to incoporate the privacy features of a remote shearer's hut with the interiors and facilities of a modern boutique hotel.  When we got home, we decided to set up a Hideaway of our own.

The Romantics, Dreamers, Honeymooners, Lovers and Stargazers have welcomed thousands of couples to Angus in recent years. 

We have recently widened our offering to allow other types of adult only relationships to enjoy the Hideaway facilities with the introduction of luxury twin bed options.

We look forward to meeting you.