Mobile phones, tablets, laptops and TVs are a huge part of our everyday busy lives at work and at home. 

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We often check our emails or social media accounts right before bedtime and are straight back on our screens within 10 minutes of waking up in the morning. But, how do you think it would feel to escape from every screen in your life for 72 hours?

Many studies have investigated the benefits of a digital detox and it’s become clear that it is the perfect opportunity to reduce stress, focus more on interaction with loved ones and enhance our connection with nature and the physical world around us.

The best way to enjoy a complete digital detox is to get away from it all and plan a relaxing break with no interruptions. The Hideaway Experience is the perfect place to do just that. We can guarantee you won’t miss your digital devices and here is why:

Melt all your stress away and get back to nature
With no distractions you can leave behind your hectic world and enjoy spending time in the countryside. Take in as much fresh air as you like while walking in the beautiful hills behind The Hideaways or visiting the new baby lambs on our farm. We will even provide the wellies.

Get a good night’s sleep
Far and distant from any traffic or city life we can guarantee peace and quiet that will calm and relax you. Forget the noise of the alarm on your mobile phone and get woken up gently by nature and bird song instead.

Quality time with your love
With no one else trying to grab your attention take the opportunity to focus 100% of your partner. Soak in the huge bath tub together, take a dip in the hot tub with beautiful scenic vistas or just simply take the time to chat and enjoy each other’s company.

Recharge and enjoy new things
Read that book you have been looking forward to starting but haven’t had time yet. Try new foods or drinks – your senses will be heightened when there are no screens to take your mind off your new experiences.

Why not try our new Digital Detox Hideaway package. We will turn off the Wi-Fi to your Hideaway, take your digital devices and lock them in a safe place and give you an emergency contact number to pass onto family/friends should you need it. Start your detox now by booking up today.